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Lorne Rubenstein

Globe and Mail golf columnist and author of no less than 11 golf books, Lorne Rubenstein had this to say about

Lorne Rubenstein"Nowadays many players know exactly what they'll be wearing each day of the tournament. One interesting website tracks their outfits and the planning that goes into the selection., meant to enhance your reading and viewing pleasure. Spend a few minutes with this website, and soon you will be planning your own outfits for the coming season."

-- Lorne Rubenstein, April 5, 2011

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« Golf shirt onesie will save you from ever worrying about an untucked shirt »

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes something so wonderfully beyond conception that you question the very sanity of those with whom you share this planet wonder why you didn't think of it first.

Behold the glory of the golf shirt onesie, aka the TailTux, by RJ Tremorus, complete with built-in underpants, making it the runaway leader in the all-time weird product race.

Hanging out with the TailTux boys. New tuck rule: don't do this.

When brought to my attention by a fellow golf aesthetician (that doesn't sound right at all), CNG thought it to be the brainchild of BogeyPro staffer Chance Manning, or some manner of Will Ferrell spoof from Watch:

As you sit back and soak this in -- and it's a lot to absorb here so take your time -- it's important to note that TailTux addresses a problem and provides a solution, as all great inventions should.

And for those who take issue with product execution -- CNG included -- we must remember the onesie as a product category rarely results in a look that's safe for public consumption. Only babies get a onsies free pass, and cyclists have some fun options to consider, but extreme caution should be taken at all times when it comes to a onesie, primarily because you might end up in something like this (NSFL).

When paired with shorts or trousers as intended, TailTux results are neat and tidy and no one would ever know the secret to your sartorial success -- unless of course you can't help but drop your drawers to reveal your assets.

Fortunately, the industry's subtle use of waist tape effectively addresses the untuck issue, saving us from having to resort to more extreme solutions. As for the market viability of golf shirt onesie, CNG leaves final word on the matter to the TailTux Kickstarter page.

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